Chroma Cannon Anthology

2012-2016 - ongoing

PC, Android, Nintendo 3DS

Chroma Cannon is basic in design; you, the player, move around the field of play in an endurance test to survive as long as possible. Each of the games supported platforms and versions utilize slightly different mechanics to take advantage of the technology that was available to me.

Chroma Cannon I - Play (PC)

Chroma Cannon II - Play (Android)

Chroma Cannon III - Play (Nintendo 3DS)

Chroma Cannon IV - Play (PC)


Garry's Mod Custom Maps

2012 - ongoing

Half Life 2 Engine

Created for the popular Garry's Mod gamemode Trouble in Terrorist Town, I made a handful of custom maps that I play on with my friends.

Downers Grove South Auditorium - Imgur Album


Close Quarters - Imgur Album


Twitch Overlays

OBS Overlays

Open Broadcast Software


Mainly for personal use, I make simple yet fun and festive overlays for Open Broadcast Software, an open source video streaming program.


3D Modeling - Pikmin 3


Autodesk Maya

Pikmin is one of my favorite games to play. So when it came to modeling a character of my choice for an MSU Maya class, it was no contest. These models are actually fully rigged and ready to animate with.

Textured Renders and Wireframes - Imgur Album

Link to Sketchfab


This Website -

2012 - ongoing

Web Browsers

Who spends hundreds of dollars on expensive monthly website builders when you can write your own? Built from scratch and rewritten too many times, this is the home of all things Ryan, so it makes sense that it's made by me as well.

Link - You're already here!

Hosted on Github - Repository